Basketball Rules


CIF rules will apply, except as specified below.

Sec 1 Equipment

All players must wear tennis shoes during the course of play. No protective casts and/or jewelry (rings, watches, chain necklaces or earrings) shall be worn. Varsity and J.V. boys teams will use a men's regulation size 29.5" basketball. Both girls divisions will use a women's size 28.5" basketball. All players must wear numbered jerseys.

Sec 2    Starting Time

All five players must be present and ready to play within five minutes of scheduled game time. If a team has less than three eligible players at anytime, a forfeit will be declared.

Sec 3    Game time

The game will consist of two 20-minute halves, running time. Stop time will be used in the last two minutes of each half. Overtime will be three minutes running time. There will be no stop clock when a team has a 20-point lead.

Sec 4    Time Outs

Coaches or players can call time-outs. Each team will be allowed two (2) time-outs per half. In overtime, each team will be given one time-out.

Sec 5    Scoring

Shots taken in front or on the 3-point arc will be worth 2 points. Shots taken behind the 3-point arc (both feet) are worth 3 points. All free throws will be worth 1 point. Any player fouled while unsuccessfully attempting a 3-point shot will receive 3 foul shots. 

Sec 6    Jump Ball

A jump ball will be used to start the first half and any overtime periods. All other jump ball situations will be determined by the alternate possession rule.

Sec 7    Free Throws

Lane players may enter the key on the release. All players not occupying a lane space must stand behind the free throw line extended and cannot pass the line until the ball hits the rim or the backboard. J.V. players may shoot from 12 feet. Substitutes enter the game on the second free throw.

Sec 8    Bonus Free Throws

On the seventh team foul of the half, the opposing team is awarded the "one and one" situation on foul shots. This bonus situation will carry over into any overtime periods. On the 10th team foul, the team will be awarded 2 shots.

Sec 9    Technical or Intentional Fouls

Technical fouls shall be assessed for unsportsmanlike conduct, too many players on the court, delay of game, or extra time outs. All technical fouls will be two shot fouls. All technical fouls will count as a team foul, and if on a player, will count as a personal foul as well. A player or coach receiving two technical fouls in a single game will be ejected from the game.

Intentional or flagrant fouls are two shot fouls as well. After an intentional foul, the team fouled will retain possession of the ball. Flagrant fouls (a foul with intent to injure) are grounds for disqualification.

A player will be removed from the game upon receiving his/her fifth personal foul.

Sec 10  Block - Charge

Charge/Block defined: A defensive player has established a legal position by having two feet on the floor and facing his opponent in a neutral stance. A defensive player may raise his hands vertically while on the floor and may jump vertically with arms extended vertically and still be in a legal guarding position. If the shooter initiates the contact by not going up straight, he/she has drawn an offensive foul. In addition, if the dribbler and his defender are moving in parallel paths in the same direction, neither player may encroach on the established path of his opponent and cause contact.

Sec 11  Full Court Press

Varsity teams will be allowed to press the entire game. 

J.V. teams will only be allowed to press during the last two minutes of each half, as well as at any time during any overtime periods.

A warning will be given for the first press violation. The second violation will result in a technical foul being called.

Sec 12  Defensive Restrictions

There will be no restrictions on the type of defense (zone, man-to-man, etc.) that may be employed.

Sec 13  Mercy Rule