Kinder Soccer Rules





Sec 1 Team Size / Rosters/ Playing Time

Teams shall consist of five (5) players. At least six players must be present to start a game. All players present should play in every game.  

Games will be 5 v 5 (NO goalkeepers and NO ref) on 1/4 size fields using 6' PUG goals or the equivalent. 

Coaches are physically on the field of play during games.

Coaches serve both as instructors for their teams and managers of game play (referees) during games. Coaches should encourage passing, dribbling and spacing, and discourage bunching.

One coach will be the official timekeeper during games.

Sec 2 Equipment

No metal spikes of any type will be allowed.  Rubber cleated shoes and plastic screw-in cleats are legal.  Shin guards are required. Any child with a cast is NOT allowed to play. 

Kinder will use a size 3 soccer ball. 


Sec 3 Game time

There will be four 8-minute quarters and a 5-minute halftime break.  The break between 1st and 2nd quarters and the 3rd and 4th quarters will not exceed 2 minutes. There will be NO extra time.


Sec 4 Scoring

A goal is scored when the entire ball has passed completely over the goal line, provided it has not been thrown, carried, or propelled by hand or arm of a member of the attacking team. 

Official score is NOT kept.


Sec 5 Substitution

Open substitutions during a break in play. With the exception of injury or fatigue, players are NOT substituted "on-the-fly." 


Sec 6 Coin Toss

The winner of the coin toss at the beginning of the game shall kick off.


Sec 7 Kickoff

The ball may be kicked forwards OR backwards for the ball to be in play. Initial kicker cannot touch the ball again until another player has done so. Defending players must lineup at least (5) yards away from the kick off point. There will be a kickoff to start the game and after each quarter.


Sec 8 Drop Ball

No drop balls.

Sec 9 Indirect Kick

Free kick from which a goal can only be scored if the ball is touched by a player other than the kicker, before passing through the goal. Defenders must line up (3) yards or more from the ball.

Sec 10 Direct Kick

There will be NO direct free kicks at this level.


Sec 11 Penalty Kick

No penalty kicks.


Sec 12 Goal Kick Defense 

When a team has a goal kick, ALL defensive players must back up to mid-field. The opposing team can only pressure the ball once the kicking team advances the ball outside the box.  The intention of this rule is to allow the kicking team to advance the ball forward, via a goal kick pass, and a collection and dribble of the ball by the receiving player.


Sec 13 Illegal Contact

Most unintentional illegal contacting of the ball at the Kinder level is ignored in favor of maintaining the flow of the game. 

Intentional illegal contacting of the ball restarts with an indirect kick for the opponent.

Players may legally contact the ball with any part of their legs, feet, and torsos.

Players may NOT legally contact the ball with their hands, arms, shoulders, or heads.

Sec 14 Overtime

There will be NO overtime played, the game will result in a tie at the end of regulation.



Sec 1 Offsides

Offsides will NOT be called.

No one is allowed to “camp out” in front of the goal, either on offense or defense.


Sec 2 Ball Over Sideline

No throw-ins. Restart play with an indirect free kick. Opponents must be at least (3) yards away.


Sec 3 Ball Over End Line (last touched by an offensive player)

Violation enforcement: Goal kick. Goal kicks can be taken by any player. Ball must clear the penalty area to be in play. Ball cannot be touched by the kicker until having been touched by another player. All players on the opposing team must remain back up behind the midline while the kick is being taken.


Sec 4 Ball Over End Line (last touched by a defender)

Violation enforcement: Corner Kick. Players of defending must be at least ten yards from the kicker. The kicker can’t touch the ball twice in succession.



Sec 1 Indirect Free Kick Offenses

Any of the following violations will result in an indirect kick being awarded to the opposition. There will be NO direct free kicks at this level.

Additional General Rules